Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Career summary

As an architect specializing in the cloud native domain at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, our team receive requests from various clients, such as financial, goverment, banking, ISP and so on, both inside and outside Japan, and provide technical education, design, and delivery of infrastructure based on Kubernetes and cloud based technologies.

Architect, HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud Global Competency Center

Jan 2021 – Present

Solutions architect

Apr 2020 – Dec 2020

ZOZO Technologies, Inc.

Career summary

I was in charge of designing and operating a web and machine learning platform centered on AWS and GCP. At GCP, we carried out a wide range of activities from the introduction of Terraform to the introduction of infrastructure CI to the production of Kubernetes by ourselves, and while spreading information to the team, we cultivated knowledge of production operation.

Using the knowledge gained from the machine learning platform acquired through GCP as a weapon, we also proposed design and technical policies as a platform for use in replacement at AWS EKS.

Infrastructure Engineer at MLOps team

Jun 2019 – Mar 2020

Cloud/Infrastructure Engineer at SRE team

Apr 2018 – Mar 2020

Hitomedia, Inc.

Career summary

Backend dev with PHP for smartphone application(Silex, Docker, PHP5.6&7.0)

Tablet application of English examination(Andorid Java supporting 4.2-7.0)

Dockerizing dev environtmnet

Web developer

Jun 2019 – Mar 2020

Kohei Ota
I'm a cloud infrastructure engineer.